Workflow not firing for new documents uploaded to a document library

David Lozzi
  • Workflow not firing for new documents uploaded to a document library David Lozzi

    I have a doc lib that has several meta fields in it. I have a workflow that processes the doc based on these fields. Everything runs fine when the doc already exists in the library.

    If we add a new one by uploading (I havent tried New) the workflow doesn't fire properly. Looking at the debugger, when I click Upload, browse to select the file then click OK, the workflow fires. At this point, my meta data is empty as it's a new upload.

    Then SP sends me to the edit properties page for the doc (editform.aspx). I now fill out my meta data and click ok. The workflow doesn't fire again. If I go back into edit properties and click OK, it fires.

    We need this to fire on the first edit page. As a work around I'm instructing my customer to upload it, then close it then edit it again. Not cool.

    Any ideas?

  • When you add a document to a Document Library, there are two steps, as you know: Upload and Edit. The Upload step is like the New step in other lists; that's when the document item is actually created. It sounds like you want your workflow to run on the item change instead. If you only want the workflow to do its thing on the first edit of the item, then make sure to set a value that indicates it has already run or compare the Created and Modified dates, etc.


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