Web Part with its FileUpload control causing "Webpage has expired" Error !

  • Web Part with its FileUpload control causing "Webpage has expired" Error ! Alex

    My problem precisely and concisely is that I developed a web part which contains a FileUpload control and the web part in general works correctly except for one issue. Whenever I use the web part then navigate to any other page, and then click BACK or FORWARD I get an error message that says "Webpage has expired". Note that my web.config entry is:

    <httpRuntime executionTimeout="43200" maxRequestLength="104856" />  

    After searching I found https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1580085/show-webpage-has-expired-on-back-button.

    Well, obviously I can’t use GET because I am developing a web part NOT a page. Also, it is not possible to oblige the clients to change their forms from POST to GET just to use my little web part (I think you understand me).

    I put a breakpoint inside the web part and tried to reproduce the same error. The results: it doesn’t hit the breakpoint. Also, I checked the EventViewer and no errors there.

    Please help me out in this issue, note that my control-scope is only within the web part NOT the full page. Also, I do not want to use any AJAX-controls.


    I was told that the only way to get rid of "Webpage has expired" error is either by:

    1. Using AJAX fileupload control.
    2. Implementing the fileupload (Uploading attachments functionality) within a pop up window.

    So what do you think?

    Is there any way to fire an event which it re-loads/refresh the web page (Which has my web part) whenever user clicks on BACK or FORWARD ?

  • This message is usually caused by the fact that you return to a page that is a postback and is cached.

    Have you set output cache on your page?

    If so try and disable output cache for that site in Site Actions > Site Settings > Site Administration > Site Output cache.

    You can also use Fiddler to look in header for any cache-control headers.

    hth Anders Rask

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