Problem debugging web part on SharePoint 2010 beta and Visual Studio 2010 beta

  • Problem debugging web part on SharePoint 2010 beta and Visual Studio 2010 beta Ybbest

    I have created a "Hello World" web part. When I pressed F5 in Visual Studio 2010, I got the following error. I have already got Microsoft SharePoint Foundation User Code Service started. Can anyone shine some light on this?

    Microsoft Visual Studio
    Unable to attach. Process 'SPUCWORKERPROCESS.exe' is not running on 'WIN-MP9OQOTCKB2'.
    Do you want to continue anyway?
    Yes   No   
    PS C:\Users\beny> Get-SPServiceInstance | format-table TypeName, Id
    TypeName                                                                                            Id
    --------                                                                                            --
    Managed Metadata Web Service                                                                        d6a50c63-3019-43da-bfec-e80610c7f3a1
    User Profile Synchronization Service                                                                6711130a-53be-4b14-b321-b2260e952865
    Business Data Connectivity                                                                          23a94bcb-82e7-410f-88ef-c501dba033f2
    Secure Store Service                                                                                7b56e7e1-3469-4492-b1c0-db28c147ea9d
    Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Workflow Timer Service                                              0d9a2d94-5e31-48db-a024-d28426f65f46
    PerformancePoint Service                                                                            3e0e1407-15ef-4c0b-af61-6048ba6afeb8
    Application Registry Service                                                                        46e7ddc8-49af-4a7e-9eee-155f526ed509
    Microsoft SharePoint Foundation User Code Service                                                   98c9a822-7032-4a46-8b4b-6f5f14d9243a
    Visio Graphics Service                                                                              9bc7d7a7-37c2-43e2-a764-9d8a0d2d4e4c
    SharePoint Server Search                                                                            10243b97-ace5-41bb-a4da-0bd3ad65ca73
    Document Conversions Launcher Service                                                               706e94e7-4d32-40ac-bfc6-8debca12ab9c
    Document Conversions Load Balancer Service                                                          85bd84a2-ded2-41b1-b825-5ae6ed403192
    Search Query and Site Settings Service                                                              9223cc15-d169-4c1b-8720-f1b0a153bd6d
    Web Analytics Web Service                                                                           b5b08230-d2ae-4689-b396-bb217462a20e
    Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Web Application                                                     da44271a-bdaa-451b-abe5-8621b52d86fd
    Central Administration                                                                              43a3aa3d-b6ec-4081-9b35-2c17da1158f3
    Excel Calculation Services                                                                          a1b626d7-02d7-468a-b4bc-5f2476af8667
    Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Incoming E-Mail                                                     580ea7ef-8033-4ef2-9e8a-694bc489bfee
    User Profile Service                                                                                3bf6b958-15b4-4bc8-bacf-68f4ef5f78cf
    Access Database Service                                                                             325be236-2c86-46db-9f1f-2e3f5b805121
    Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Subscription Settings Service                                       f601b3c7-1ded-4971-a5c3-49b217e8aeda
    SharePoint Foundation Search                                                                        ab64b460-9c17-42dc-8744-8381f4e00bbb
    Lotus Notes Connector                                                                               6bbab206-bf7e-414b-a12f-ecb55c4e3c94
    Web Analytics Data Processing Service                                                               2450e96c-4d06-4f67-b032-a3283c9e08e7
    Word Automation Services                                                                            1c20cfa8-cf14-48b1-8fbd-4669be301505

  • Make sure that you have started the Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Sandboxed Code Service in Central admin.

    Also check that you are running Visual Studio 2010 using administrative privilegies

web-part sandbox-solution
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