Troubleshooting unexpected search results

Mike Powell
  • Troubleshooting unexpected search results Mike Powell

    It appears that there's at least one folder in one of our crawled network shares that's not getting indexed properly, as evidenced by searching for unique words known to be in PDF documents in that folder and not getting the documents back in the search results. Documents in this folder are showing up in the crawl log as being successfully crawled, either with a "Crawled" or "Not modified" status. There are no errors or warnings in the Windows event log, and none that I can find in the SharePoint trace logs. Of the 42 PDF files in this folder, all are less than 5MB in size and most are less than 1MB.

    Can anyone offer some tips on troubleshooting this issue?

    Update: It looks like SharePoint is indexing the title metadata for these PDFs, just not the content. There is text content in the PDFs -- Adobe Reader's Find command works fine within a given document. What could be causing the content not to be indexed?

  • Do you have the PDF iFilter installed? Indexing doesn't look inside PDFs natively; you must have the iFilter installed.

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