Turning off Content Approval for an entire site collection - Once

Anthony Kasses
  • Turning off Content Approval for an entire site collection - Once Anthony Kasses

    I'd like to turn off Content Approval, for all libraries, (Page, Document, Images) once, at a Site Collection level and, hopefully, it will be automatically set across the entire site collection. Having it off helps during the development of a Publishing Site. Once all the content/web parts are in then it would be good to turn it back on before going to UAT/Prod. Having approval workflows start in dev is just a waste of time.

    I'm working in SP2010, but MOSS 2007 is still relevant as I have sites in both platforms.

  • I'm not sure that this is a great idea, but I expect that you could do it either with the object model or with the SharePoint Web Services. For the latter, take a look at my jQuery Library for SharePoint Web Services (SPServies).

    Either way, you'd need to loop through all of the sites and lists, changing the property settings.

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