FullTextSqlQuery returning incorrect results

  • FullTextSqlQuery returning incorrect results TheCodeKing

    We are having usual behaviour with FullTextSqlQuery and wonder if anyone can help.

    The following should return 3 records which represent 3 pages on the site with titles "Sample (test1)", "Sample (test2)", and "Sample (test3)".

    SELECT Title, Rank, Size, Description, Write, Path
    FROM portal..scope()
    WHERE ( ("SCOPE" = 'myScope') )  AND CONTAINS ('"sample"')
    ORDER BY "Rank" DESC

    For some reason this only yeilds 1 result, say "Sample (test3)".

    If we change this to use a query as follows, then this also returns a single result. However this time the result is a different record, say "Sample (test3)", which proves more than 1 entry was indexed by the crawl.

    SELECT Title, Rank, Size, Description, Write, Path
    FROM portal..scope()
    WHERE ( ("SCOPE" = 'myScope') )  AND FREETEXT(defaultproperties, '"sample"')
    ORDER BY "Rank" DESC

    Why are these queries not returning all 3 results? We have tried setting TrimDuplicates to false but it makes no difference.

  • have you tried expanding the scope to 'All Sites'?

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