How to change the tooltip in an infopath document using codebehind

  • How to change the tooltip in an infopath document using codebehind Dre

    I need to change the tooltips in an infopath form using the code behind. How should I do that?

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  • I've created a InfoPath form which uses Data Connections. This was on server1. Now I want to change this InfoPath Form on server2 (server1 does not exist anymore). I want to add a new Data Connection. I do use the Connection Options as Local Connection library, so the link to the data connection file is relative. When I look into the Data Connections for the form template, I still see the Connection Source beeing the server1. When I add a new connection, the Source is server2. When I Preview the Form, the Form still tries to connect server1 ! How can I change this ? I found a way to do

  • I have an existing InfoPath 2007 form containing managed code. The form is now published on SharePoint 2007. The form will be edited and created using the InfoPath 2007 client, so no Web Form in this case. I plan to migrate to SharePoint 2010. Since InfoPath 2007 is used as client and I do not want to bother the end user with upgrading, I still want to use InfoPath 2007 as client (No client upgrade to InfoPath 2010, yet) Is it compatible ? Does it work without modifications? What should I change?

  • I have an InfoPath form that starts a workflow (on item created). The business requirement is that after submission form must be read-only (no changes to the initial request can be made). However workflow must change certain properties of the form (e.g. approval time, approval phase etc.). By default SharePoint workflows run under initiator account, however I am wondering would you recommend creating an event handler that is going to kick start a workflow under system account. Workflow would than be able to revoke all the contribute privileges but still be able to update the form during

  • where the following happens: Using email, I want to send the details of the room booking (fields in the list), to an approver Ideally, I want the approver to be able to approve the booking right there in Outlook (using an InfoPath form?) If thats not possible, I could include a link to the content approval page I'm really not sure where to start here. I have had a look at the OOTB approval... around Sharepoint Designer 2007, but I can't figure out how to email an InfoPath form with the event details and an 'apprve/reject' button. Grateful for any advice. Thanks!

  • From SharePoint Designer it is possible to modify the edit and display list forms. From the ribbon in ListSettings tab select Design Forms In InfoPath and choose the content type you want to modify forms for. InfoPath will open with a generated form and the form can be modified. My question is when you publish the form from InfoPath to a SharePoint List is it posible to export the list and import it to list in SharePoint Foundation or are the forms dependent on InfoPath ?

  • If I have an InfoPath 2007 form, no code, web browser compatible. Can I publish it using InfoPath 2007 on an SharePoint 2010 portal?

  • name of InfoPath form by next code: FormsService service = SPFarm.Local.GetChild<FormsService>(); service.FormTemplates["..."].Name but I can't find any solution for "solutionVersion" of Infopath form. How I can get "solutionVersion" for InfoPath form that was published on SharePoint? ...I have to create an InfoPath form from c# code. So I use xsd.exe to create c# objects and XmlSerializer to compose xml files. Also I must define "mso-application" like "progid="InfoPath.Document

  • I am using SharePoint Server 2007 Enterprise with Windows Server 2008 Enterprise. I am using publishing portal template. By default, the search page is using results.aspx as the search result page. I want to change results.aspx to another page (my custom search page to show results, e.g. customsearchresults.aspx), how do I change it?

  • I have a requirement to design a multi level approval workflow using SPD 2007. The workflow has three levels of approval. If the 1st or 2nd or 3rd level of approvers rejects the task it should go back to the previous level of user to continue with the same workflow instance. The workflow should not stop since when the InfoPath form is updated in the Forms library, a new WF instance... steps in an approval workflow using SPD 2007. Is it possible to use any custom actions to do this?

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