Unable to edit site in SharePoint Designer 2010

  • Unable to edit site in SharePoint Designer 2010 kamleshrao

    When I am trying to edit a SharePoint 2010 site (clicking ribbon - Site Actions -> Edit Site in SharePoint Designer), it load SharePoint Designer 2010 application and gives me the following error:

    "You do not have permission to open this Web site in SharePoint Designer"

    This error I am getting on my Workstation (Win XP - IE8). I am logging on to my SP2010 site using the Administrator account.

    Did anyone face this similar problem?

  • Check the SharePoint Designer settings in Central Administration as well as in your site. In 2010, the permissions for SharePoint Designer can be set to allow editing or not, as well as allowing specific types of actions using SharePoint Designer.

  • My findings:

    • When we use a client computer, the SharePoint 2010 designer uses the current Logged In credential to verify against the SP 2010 site.

    • I could not find any way for SPD 2010 to prompt for User Name / Password (something similar which happens when you use Browser to access the site)

    • To fix this issue, I added my Login (DOMAIN\Username) to the Home Owners group of the main SP 2010 site.

    Hope this helps others.

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