What features are you most looking forward to in SharePoint 2010?

Phill Duffy
  • What features are you most looking forward to in SharePoint 2010? Phill Duffy

    I am personally looking forward to seeing what people can create with the Client Object Model.

    One answer per post please

  • The new Ribbon Control.

  • Compliant HTML. Hoping for no more tables used for layouts!

  • An XSLT List View Web Part as explained here. Haven't spent many difficult hours adding custom behaviour to the existing CAML-based LVWP, I'm very happy to see it bite the dust.

  • Claims-based authentication...say no more...

  • Access Services - Will this allow SP to create more flexible DB apps?
    Multilingual features - Looking for a MUCH better story than MOSS2007

  • Browser independence - bringing up Firefox and Safari to the same level as IE.

  • Better tools for developing in Visual Studio! Worst nightmare is it will just be another VSeWSS v.1.something

  • Business Connectivity Services, and in 2010 it will be available in Sharepoint Foundation so it will be for free.

    This blog post sums it up pretty good.

  • SandBox Solutions

  • Silverlight Webparts and AJAX funvtionalities all over . .

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