Event handlers on User Information List

Paul Lucas
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  • I keep getting a large number of the following warnings in my SharePoint Farm. Event Type: Warning Event Source: Office SharePoint Server Event Category: Workflow Features Event ID: 7397 Date: 1/31/2010 Time: 1:22:21 PM User: N/A Computer: MOB-INTRA-APP2 Description: message For more information, see Help and Support Center at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/events.asp. I am using Windows 2003 R2/ MOSS 2007 + SP1 / SQL 2005. This warning is being repeated too many times in the event log. Any idea what this warning might be about?

  • in the user information lists. The SSP user profiles are not used. Now one of the users got married and therefore her surname got changed in the LDAP (the one where her information are stored). But this change doesn't get provisioned into the user information list. I wondering what option I have to provision changes of user data to the user information list. I've already tried to update the last name of the user manually, but it seems as if certain information like surname, first name are not editable in the user information list. I tried to edit them as a site administrator. So what

  • In my custom SharePoint 2010 web part, I am allowing the user to specify his information in a model dialog window. I then need to use this information in my web part code behind for further processing. But I am not pretty sure as how to read this information back in my managed code. Appreciate any help on this.

  • I'm working with WSS 3.0, building a customized SharePoint site using .NET 3.5 and SPVisualDev. I have edited the FeatureEventReceiver.cs in the List area to add a new column to the User Information List ("AvailableHours"). When I go into the site after building, I can see the new column in the User Information screen. However, when I try to access this column programatically, I am told the column doesn't exist. I have used elevated privileges but this is having no effect. Does anybody have an idea about what I'm doing wrong?

  • I use a JQuery dialog box to ask the user a daily question. I have a question and answer list which contains the information to load into the dialog box. I do not want the user to view or edit information in the question and answer list. However i do want to update the answer list based on the selected answer on the popup dialog box that is displayed to the user. I am using Javascript to update a list using SharePoint webservice. For the users who do not have permissions to view or edit the list is it possible to elevate their permissions to be able to update the answer list based

  • I developed a custom event receiver class that overrides the ItemAdded method after the list item is added I want to make some checks and based on a certain condition I want to delete the added item. I was able to delete the item but i want to display an error message so I used properties.Cancel = true; properties.ErrorMessage = "Can't insert this item"; when I debugged I found no errors but the user is not directed to the error page. is there any workaround for this ? thanks

  • After following Spence Harbar's Rational Guide to implementing SharePoint Server 2010 User Profile Synchronization (http://www.harbar.net/articles/sp2010ups.aspx) exactly (and having it work several times for other implementations) in this particular instance, starting the user profile synchronization service generates the following errors (these can be found in the windows logs of the server.... The connection failure may be due to a network failure, firewall configuration error, or other connection issue. Additionally, the SQL Server connection information could be configured

  • ;V1_I1_CP2;;T_sdja_%252F%252F0%252F%252F [4,["\n \n sdja",["\n \n sdja","","",-1],[true,[["sdja","",0,"",0,[["John Doe","CONTOSO\\sdja",1,"John Doe",""]]]],true],false,false,false],-1,false,false],[5,["\n \n ",["\n \n ","","",-1],[false,[],true],false,false,false],-1,false,false], Contact Selector Information about the control can br found on the InfoPath team blog: Using... lists (UserInfo table in the Content database). You then validate list of resolved users and copy some of them to another node in the primary data source. The field displays copied contacts

  • selected is in use by SharePoint. You must select another port or hostname. Object MySharepointDB1234 failed in event OnRestore. For more information, see the error log located in the backup...I am trying to find the best way to accomplish the following: Move an existing share point application's content and meta databases, back them up and restore them to a different machine. In order to do this I am using the stsadm tool as follows: To backup, I use this command: stsadm -o backup -url http://devpn-004:1234 -directory c:\sharePointBackup -filename testBackup.bak -backupmethod full

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