Guidance on renaming the multitude of databases generated by SharePoint 2010

Jeroen Ritmeijer - Muhimbi
  • Guidance on renaming the multitude of databases generated by SharePoint 2010 Jeroen Ritmeijer - Muhimbi

    SharePoint 2010 appears to continue SharePoint 2007's tradition of automatically creating horribly named SQL Databases. Like many companies we have multiple farms and developer workstations connecting to a central database server.

    To make sure things don't become messy and difficult to manage, we prefer to use database names such as:

    • DEV_WS004_SharePoint_AdminContent
    • DEV_WS004_User Profile Service Application_ProfileDB

    rather than:

    • SharePoint_AdminContent_9fc4ac7c-6895-4a74-bf10-df6ac4c2c1d6
    • User Profile Service Application_ProfileDB_a17efbf6942341f785c69829ce7f2d97

    I am creating this question so we can create a central repository for renaming the various databases. I will try to find as many answers as possible myself, but would appreciate answers from the community as well.

    At the moment the following databases have priority, but as we only have a limited set of services enabled I know there are many more.

    • SharePoint_AdminContent_[some guid]
    • Managed Metadata Service_[some guid]
    • Search_Service_Application_CrawlStoreDB_[some guid]
    • Search_Service_Application_DB_[some guid]
    • Search_Service_Application_PropertyStoreDB_[some guid]
    • User Profile Service Application_ProfileDB_[some guid]
    • User Profile Service Application_SocialDB_[some guid]
    • User Profile Service Application_SyncDB_[some guid]
    • WordAutomationServices_[some guid]
    • WSS_UsageApplication

    Update: If you have multiple SharePoint 2010 farms connected to a single database server then you can see which databases belong to a farm on the following Central Administration screen: http://[Your CA Server]/_admin/DatabaseStatus.aspx. (CA / Upgrade and Migration / Review database status)

    Update2: See this blog post on SharePoint 2010 Databases.

  • To rename the SharePoint_AdminContent_[some guid] database the process is the same as under SharePoint 2007.

    1. Run as a user with the appropriate privileges to make these changes.

    2. stsadm.exe -o deletecontentdb -url http://[ca server]:[ca port] -databasename SharePoint_AdminContent_[some guid] -databaseserver [Your DB Server]

    3. Rename the database using a tool / script of your choice. We used SQL Management Studio. You may need to restart the SharePoint 2010 Timer service to make sure all connections to the DB are released or you will not be able to rename it.

    4. stsadm.exe -o addcontentdb -url http://[ca server]:[ca port] -databasename [Your new Database Name] -databaseserver [Your DB Server]

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