Get foreign key in external content type to show up in list view

content-type external-content-type list-view
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  • I am running on a new dev setup for SharePoint 2010 and trying to setup some External Content types. I think that I have setup BCS correctly (since I see it running in the central administration). When I go into SharePoint designer 2010 and try to setup a new External Content Type, I get the following error: There is no Business Connectivity Service associated with the current web context. Am I missing something with the configuration? Why am I not able to setup a new External Content Type to point to my existing SQL database?

  • content type. Each of the derived content types have custom form rendering templates. I am using a custom usercontrol with codebehind added to the .ascx page as a control to redraw the forms differently... that not really matter? I ask because I can change the content type of the nonworking one to use the same template as the working one and it will load just fine. UPDATE: I tried changing the type and even... can see that the content type should be loading it, but it does not. The other one as I said laods and works correctly.

  • My company is currently in the process of building a CMS on top of SharePoint 2010. Part of the functionality of the CMS will require being able to have a searchbox that searches the contents of a specific list (both custom lists and external content list types) and returns the list items relevant to the search as the results. My questions are: Is it possible to build a search Webpart that only searches a specific list? Is is possible to have an external content list sitting on top of a database table via BCS searchable through SharePoint Search Services? Any constructive input

  • Application? Business Data Connectivity Service Enabling this service provides the SharePoint farm with the ability to upload BDC models that describe the interfaces of your enterprises' line... migrated WSS v3 to SharePoint Foundation 2010 and then installed Search Express 2010 on top of it. I am logged in with an account that has full farm administration access. Update 2: I migrated WSS v3 to Sharepoint Foundation 2010 and then installed Search Express 2010 on top of it. Update 3: Yes the farm admin acct is the member of the local admin. What services are required to start to have

  • I going to use the new exciting External Content Type feature to display a list of data from an external LOB system. The list is potentially long, so paging with filtering at the LOB system side is preferable. implies that BCS might have some provisions for paging (PageNumber filter). But the documentation is yet incomplete. Here is a sample how to do paging for IdEnumerator method for Search Crawler, but has no samples to paging with SPView. Anyone has some experience with BCS paging? How does BCS get to know the total

  • When using SPMetal to generate entity classes, these classes are used in LINQ to SharePoint queries. We have a project with content type and list definitions and one project with business logic which use the generated entity classes. But in an automated build approch what is the best way to make sure that we always have updated entity classes after a change in a content type and list instance? I am thinking of making a "Post-build event" command in the Content Type and List definition project.

  • A client is asking for a custom application to be created and deployed within the corporate intranet. Part of the requirements are to publish some of the content also available on the internet site. Both sites are built on SharePoint 2007 but they are on different farms and on different networks. Can the Content Deployment API (and associated tools) handle moving selected content across networks with no direct connectivity? Can we use web services? Has anybody done this sort of thing? If so what approaches have you taken? Thanks, James.

  • ;MissedUserProfileProperties> Configure the UserProfile in such a way that it will combine both AD & BCS Please let me know if it can be done? Update - 2 I have configured and populated the required... Properties from a Custom Webservice 2. Consume the same Webservice in BCS 3. BCS properties have to be merged with AD properties for the User Profile Properties in SharePoint 2010. Can anybody let me know how it can be done? Update: I would like to follow the steps given below Create a user defined class "MissedUserProfileProperties" with various attributes Override the GetList Method in BCS

  • /Pages/Example.aspx When I "View All Site Content" I am looking at the contents of the "Pages" list: http://myserver:PORT/subsite/Pages/Forms/AllItems.aspx ...(I have also asked this question on Stack Overflow) I have a SharePoint feature I'm using to add some custom aspx files to the Pages Library. When I activate the feature, I can visit the pages in-browser and they are visible in SPDesigner, but when I "View All Site Content" they are not there. Why is this the case? The Feature's Elements File: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <

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