Where is the SharePoint object cache stored??

  • Where is the SharePoint object cache stored?? Vamsi

    We have experienced a strange issue in SharePoint. We backed-up and restored a site collection from WebApp1 to WebApp2 and both the site collections have Publishing Features activated (BLOB CACHE was NOT Enabled)

    After successful restore , none of the sites were working. Following Exception has occured :

    Site id <> could not be found OR File not found

    Solution :

    In the stack trace there method sitecachesettings(guid id).....Reset the IIS, and booom every thing works fine :)

    My Question :

    Where is object cache stored ??? how it works?? point me any links where I can dig in deep


  • The SharePoint object cache is stored in memory, which is why an IISReset clears it down. Depending on how you restored the site, I'd probably expect to need to do an IISReset after such an admin operation.

    More details on object caching here.

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