SharePoint Foundation 2010 development machine installation problems

Robert Koritnik
  • SharePoint Foundation 2010 development machine installation problems Robert Koritnik

    I'm having problems installing development machine for SharePoint (Foundation) 2010. This is what I did so far on the same machine:

    1. Installed a clean Windows 7 x64 with 4GB of RAM without being part of any domain. Just a simple standalone machine.
    2. Enabled IIS related features as described here except IIS6 related ones (two of them)
    3. Installed SQL Server 2008 R2 Development Edition (DB Engine and Writer being enabled but not SQL Agent)
    4. Installed Visual Studio 2010 Premium
    5. Started installing SharePoint Foundation 2010 with first extracting files, changing config to enable Windows 7 installation and then installed it as Server Farm (then Complete) to avoid installing SQL Express.
    6. Created a separate SPF_CONFIG local user with Logon as a service right.
    7. Opened SPF Management Shell and run New-SPConfigurationDatabase so I am able to use a non-domain username (SPF_CONFIG that I created in the previous step)

    But all I get is this: Unknown error

    The outcome after this error is:

    • Database Sharepoint2010Config is created
    • User SPF_CONFIG is added to SQL Server and attached to this newly created database as dbowner (check below image)

    alt text

    • On SQL server level SPF_CONFIG user has following rights:
      • dbcreator
      • securityadmin
      • public

    alt text

  • What level of access does the user account have on the db server? Is it just dbcreator or is it dbowner? After the objects are created additional scripts are run. I successfully used this process many times building (and rebuilding) an early demo setup I used.

  • Consider it resolved

    I've followed two guides:

    Step by step instructions I followed (may be helpful to someone else as well):

    1. Then I've uninstalled SPF2010
    2. Setup all accounts as described in the first document
    3. Reinstalled all prerequisites and KBs described in MSDN resource.
    4. Cancelled configuration wizard and ran Sharpoint PowerShell
    5. Executed New-SPConfigurationDatabase -AdministrationContentDatabaseName "SomeDBName"
    6. Command than asked me about all other missing info
    7. Waited for the command to finish (few minutes)
    8. And it succeeded
    9. FINALLY!
    10. Rerun psconfigui and finished configuration
    11. Successfully launched SPF Admin Web.

    clap clap clap

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