Why is the Create a new service application button disabled and the link not active in Central Admin?

  • Why is the Create a new service application button disabled and the link not active in Central Admin? Patrick

    When I go to manage service applications in Central Administration and try to create a new service application like: New > Create a new service application, the link isn't active. My issue is I would like to create a Search Service Application after installing Search Server Express 2010.

    Do I need to run the Farm Configuration Wizard and install the below if I can create a Search Service Application?

    Business Data Connectivity Service

    Enabling this service provides the SharePoint farm with the ability to upload BDC models that describe the interfaces of your enterprises' line of business systems and thereby access the data within these systems.

    State Service

    Provides temporary storage of user session data for SharePoint Server components.

    Usage and Health data collection

    This service collects farm wide usage and health data and provides the ability to view various usage and health reports.

    Update 1:

    I'm running Windows 2008 R2. I migrated WSS v3 to SharePoint Foundation 2010 and then installed Search Express 2010 on top of it.

    I am logged in with an account that has full farm administration access.

    Update 2:

    I migrated WSS v3 to Sharepoint Foundation 2010 and then installed Search Express 2010 on top of it.

    Update 3:

    Yes the farm admin acct is the member of the local admin. What services are required to start to have the possibility to create a new search service apps? The only new link i can see on the service application page menu is to create BDC service.

    alt text http://www.freeimagehosting.net/uploads/13f9bedb07.jpg

  • Are you logged in with an account that has full farm administration access? Are you using Foundation or the full server version?

  • Are you running on Windows 7? If that is the case make sure that your Internet Explorer (or other browser) is running with elevated privilegies.

  • Is your farm administrator account member of the local administrator group on the farm servers? This is required to start services.

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