Unique item in SharePoint list

  • Unique item in SharePoint list Iyad

    Can I create a unique item in a SharePoint list to prevent duplication of entries, without deploying any app to the server?

    Also if it can be done through SharePoint Designer, how it can be done??


list 2007
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  • I've created a custom list in SharePoint 2010 from a custom content type (inherit from item) and I would like to give the users the option to order the items in this list - similar to how users can order items in an out of the box Links list. In SharePoint 2007 I did this several times by using the OrderedList property in the List element of the schema.xml, and I've tried the same approach... that indicate that the list can be ordered by a user. However, I'm missing the button (Change Item Order) on the ribbon that allows a user to order the list. I can navigate to the /_layouts/reorder.aspx

  • What I want to achieve is something similar to this OOB method: SP.ListOperation.Selection.getSelectedList() But this method only returns the GUID of the selected list. I would like to get the path, so if the user has browsed to a subfolder of the list I want to retrieve the current list/folder path. How can this be done?

  • SharePoint workflow by nature is document centric in that you have to have a 'thing'; A object for the workflow to run on. This object can be a document, form or simple list item but this thing has... or automatic creation of an accident list item. Now the process will need to have a set of official forms filled in by various people. This is where I find SharePoint limiting me with it's document centric... the user find other related documents generated in the workflow. I find that all this rapidly gets messy in trying to retrofit this different type of workflow into SharePoint. There are ways and means

  • I have an initial workflow in Sharepoint Designer that triggers whenever an item is created and also whenever an item has changed in the 'Employee' list . Within second workflow I am updating the 'Employee' list and the workflow above is triggered. Is there any way I can check in the intial workflow if the item has been updated by a user or if it was updated by a workflow. In the case if the item was updated by a workflow I would not want to trgigger it. Many Thanks,

  • deployed to the CONTROLTEMPLATES folder on the 12 hive. The forms worked fine until the security folks said we had to enable FIPS. Once this was done, Sharepoint went nuts until I changed the machineKey... and they do not work. I have found the code that I can place in the machine.config file that turns off the check, but I would like to figure out what is going on with this. I have ensured that debug is set to false in the web.config file as well. It is only my user controls that are causing the issue, but I do not know why. So it would be nice if there was a list of known .Net assembles that were

  • " status. There are no errors or warnings in the Windows event log, and none that I can find in the SharePoint trace logs. Of the 42 PDF files in this folder, all are less than 5MB in size and most are less than 1MB. Can anyone offer some tips on troubleshooting this issue? Update: It looks like SharePoint is indexing the title metadata for these PDFs, just not the content. There is text content...It appears that there's at least one folder in one of our crawled network shares that's not getting indexed properly, as evidenced by searching for unique words known to be in PDF documents

  • /. I have contradictory observations: When John adds an item to the library while working from W2, the workflow is initiated but goes to Stopped status, and the other list is not updated. When John...Using WSS 3.0 running on SBS2008. I have an Infopath form library, to which I have used SharePoint Designer 2007 to attach a custom workflow. It's a pretty normal workflow which updates a property in another list based on a lookup. I have two users, call them Jane and John. Jane is a member of several SP groups, one of which has Full Control permissions. John is a member of a couple of SP groups

  • to categorize each item/document/discussion as to the level of data it contains at the item level. This should ensure that when a user creates a new custom list or new task etc this field will be required at first but could be turned off if needed. I was hoping that this could be done using a feature but a I am unable to determine what approach to take. Can the field be created programmatically and then somehow be added to all the content types or even the base content type. It seems that if you can add it to the 0x base content type it should work. Can this be done?

  • In SharePoint 2010, for a regular "custom" list calling SP.ListOperation.Selection.getSelectedItems() using the ECMAScript client object model returns an array of item IDs. These IDs correspond to the SPListItem.ID property of the server object model. Using the same approach for an external (BCS) list, getSelectedItems() is returning IDs of the form "_bg40001300", "_bg40002300", "__bg40003300... SPListItem's using this strange ID, either by converting it into a standard list item ID, or using a different API method?

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