What's your certification study plan?

Anthony Kasses
  • What's your certification study plan? Anthony Kasses

    I am keen to hear how those of you intending to take the MCTS SharePoint 2010 exams plan to study for them. Or, even if certification isn't your thing but you really want to ramp up your SharePoint 2010 knowledge how do you make the best use of your study time. Since no 'exam cram' type books or any books for that matter exists yet how do we really learn the material? Having said that I'm weary of just reading MSDN and blogs because I don't think it is an effective way of studying. I guess pratical experience is needed that encompasses all of the exam objectives, but what exactly am I building?

  • The SharePoint 2010 examination details are available on the Microsoft Learning website, include full descriptions of Skill Measured during the exams. Many of these materials are covered in TechNet articles so a lot of the theory can already be built up, and with working knowledge and experience of 2007, quite a few of the exam requirements can be studied up on.

    Have a look at this for the 2010 Config exam: http://www.microsoft.com/learning/en/us/exam.aspx?ID=70-668&locale=en-us#tab2

  • There might not be any books specifically written to study for the exams but there are a couple of SharePoint 2010 development books out already as can be seen on Amazon, and many more expected soon.

    For the developer exams I'd recommend having a look at the SharePoint Developer Center. There are a bunch of good modules that covers a good chunk of the skills measured for the TS Application Development exam. Each module has a video and a hands on lab to give you real experience building each component.

    The SharePoint team blog also has a good list of other SharePoint 2010 resources such as the IT Professional hosted virtual hands-on-labs and IT Professional Advanced Training that you can use to get started. Practical experience does always help so I'd suggest working through the skills listed for each exam and trying to build elements you are not sure of is a good way to learn each subject.

  • The above 2 answers have already given you enough links. I would make my choice as below:

    • If I am already working on MOSS 2007 and if I am not yet certified on MOSS 2007, then I will opt to take up MOSS 2007 certification. And later plan for SP2010 certification.

    • If I am new to SharePoint world and I have started with SP 2010 version, then I will explore it further by setting up a Server (or use Information Worker VHD). I would go through the 2010 Config Exam points, do self-learning, practise them and more essential go through the Best Practices articles. In this case, I may also have to look for Migration Approaches from 2007 to 2010.

    The 2nd path does involve lots of effort - since there are lots and lots of things to understand in SharePoint world.

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