How to assign a user friendly email address to a document library

  • How to assign a user friendly email address to a document library ASaxena11

    I have a document library which is configured for inbound emails. The current email address assigned is [email protected].

    I need to somehow map a generic email ID (say [email protected]) to this list so that when I send out a mail to [email protected] it goes in the document library.

    Any help/pointers will be appreciated.

  • I am not the email expert, and this might sound like a dummy solution, but I would configure a rule in your email server to forward every email from [email protected] to [email protected]

    SharePoint can also read emails from Dump folder, so if you can "dump" your emails from your email server to a folder on SharePoint server in EML format that would could also work.

    UPDATE: For both approaches the email (To) must be the same as specified in Document Library settings. Otherwise it will not be imported to Document Library. (by Alex)

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