Only crawling a content source for files with a given extension

Kelly French
  • Only crawling a content source for files with a given extension Kelly French

    I want to index only the files with a specific extension "*.las". I know that there are less than 20K of these files and there are a total of over 1 million files in the containing fileshare.

    I've used an include rule for the extention "*.las" and an exclude rule for everything located on the host. The assumption was the include would trigger first to catch the desired files and the exclude would keep everything else out. That version didn't index anything.

    When I indexed using just the include rule, I still got all 1 million files even though the rule ended with "*.las" and there aren't that many of those files on the share.

    I'd provide the string I used for the rule but Markdown is playing games with the slashes.

    How to I configure the crawl rules to only crawl one file type for a given host/share?

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