Database migration problem

  • Database migration problem Renzo

    We have recently migrated our MOSS databases from MS SQL Express 2005 to MS SQL 2008 both intances running on the same Windows 2003 server.

    After "successful" migration we switched the 2005 server off and test that everything still working as expected which it did! (or at least we thought it did).

    All its apparently working fine exept that after few minutes we started receiving an error on the aevent viewer saying that couldn't find SERVER\SQL2005\MOSS_ConfigDatabase so we swtiched back on and start to research about what could the problem be?

    After few hours of research we found out that it seems that all the timer-jobs are executed from the old database on MS SQL 2005. So we went in to the config database and we realize that the table TimerRunningJobs on the 2008 config database was empty where the same table on config database on 2005 contains all the active timer-jobs with recent dates.

    Did any one seen this before? and if so how should it be fixed?. maybe is there a way that I could write some code to recreate the timer-jobs on the new database?

    Thanks in advance :)

  • How did you move the configuration database?

    You need to use psconfig.exe -cmd configdb -disconnect and psconfig.exe -cmd configdb -connect to move (and optionally rename) the config db.

  • The basic problem with our database was that for some reason psconfig didn't renamed the object for the old server instance in stead it created a new one and keeping the old too. We tried manually rename the object on the database but that didn't work because the key field is the SQL instance.

    SO after doing some research we solved our problem by creating an alias on the new SQL server with the name of the old SQL server.

    please see here fro more info about this.

    I hope it helps someone

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