Is it possible to publish a form from InfoPath 2007 on a SharePoint 2010 site?

  • Is it possible to publish a form from InfoPath 2007 on a SharePoint 2010 site? Hinek

    If I have an InfoPath 2007 form, no code, web browser compatible. Can I publish it using InfoPath 2007 on an SharePoint 2010 portal?

  • Definitely allowable. Check out this thread on Technet-SharePoint 2010.

  • Yes, you can publish InfoPath 2007 to SharePoint 2010 in the same manner that you publish InfoPath 2007 to SharePoint 2007.

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  • I'd like to create a custom content type in SharePoint 2007 (WSS 3.0) that inherits from the existing XML Document content type (i.e. an InfoPath form) but I want to use custom ASP.NET forms to edit the XML. Is this possible and, if so, how?

  • I need to change the tooltips in an infopath form using the code behind. How should I do that?

  • From SharePoint Designer it is possible to modify the edit and display list forms. From the ribbon in ListSettings tab select Design Forms In InfoPath and choose the content type you want to modify forms for. InfoPath will open with a generated form and the form can be modified. My question is when you publish the form from InfoPath to a SharePoint List is it posible to export the list and import it to list in SharePoint Foundation or are the forms dependent on InfoPath ?

  • I've created a custom approval workflow using SharePoint Designer 2007. The workflow is attached to a Forms library where InfoPath 2007 forms will be stored. The workflow is getting triggered under the user who is creating (creator) and saving the InfoPath form. I've also created a secondary workflow to manage reminders and escalations. In this case, the creator needs to be part of the site collection owners group for the workflow to complete successfully. This poses a permission issue since I am setting item level permission and granting Read permission to the creator once the form

  • I have an existing InfoPath 2007 form containing managed code. The form is now published on SharePoint 2007. The form will be edited and created using the InfoPath 2007 client, so no Web Form in this case. I plan to migrate to SharePoint 2010. Since InfoPath 2007 is used as client and I do not want to bother the end user with upgrading, I still want to use InfoPath 2007 as client (No client upgrade to InfoPath 2010, yet) Is it compatible ? Does it work without modifications? What should I change?

  • We have a InfoPath Form Library with Visual Studio Workflows on an MOSS 2007. Now to some of the form we're missing tasks in the tasklist and there isn't a status in the column of the workflow. But the workflow had been started ... we're noticing, that all the affected forms have in common that the workflow (and the tasks of course) was finished. Has somebody an idea what happened? Is there maybe a process or a setting that "cleans up" finished tasks and workflows?

  • I have an InfoPath form that is used as a SharePoint 2007 content type. My client would like to be able to search fields, so I would like to re-publish and promote some of the fields. Will this cause any loss of data for previously submitted forms? Will data in the previously submitted forms be affected by this promotion? (will data be viewable in SharePoint columns?)

  • I don't suppose there's a way to get an InfoPath task form to save it's state once it's submitted. In a workflow I don't delete the tasks, I just set them to complete. I don't pre populate much of the task forms as it's down to the user to complete the form. Some of the task forms are quite important and I'd like them to retain their entered fields after the workflow has moved on, or even completed itself.

  • I have an InfoPath form that starts a workflow (on item created). The business requirement is that after submission form must be read-only (no changes to the initial request can be made). However workflow must change certain properties of the form (e.g. approval time, approval phase etc.). By default SharePoint workflows run under initiator account, however I am wondering would you recommend creating an event handler that is going to kick start a workflow under system account. Workflow would than be able to revoke all the contribute privileges but still be able to update the form during

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