Why SharePoint is not considering 'dbo.AuditData' table while calculating the site-collection size?

  • Why SharePoint is not considering 'dbo.AuditData' table while calculating the site-collection size? Karthikeyan

    We have a heavy used site collection with a 30GB quota limit on the content DB - WSS_WebApp_Content1, I have verified the 'dbo.AuditData' table and found that it has 1.4c records and is 35 GB in size.

    Why SharePoint is not considering 'dbo.AuditData' table while calculating the site-collection size? and what are all the other tables treated like this ?

  • A site collection quota is set to manage content in a site collection. There are tables in the database that store things other than content. The Audit Data is one example of that, in addition there are some user information tables.

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