User has changed his name in the active directory and wants see his mysite with the new URL

  • User has changed his name in the active directory and wants see his mysite with the new URL Karthikeyan

    Question : User has changed his name in the active directory and wants see his mysite with the new URL.

    Can we follow the steps given below:
    ○ Take the backup of the existing site collection (Stsadm -o export)
    ○ Goto SSP -> User profile -> remove Personal site URL -> Save
    ○ Ask her to click on the "Mysite" Link
    ○ New site collection will be created for her
    ○ Import the old collection content (Stsadm -o import)
    ○ you may need to change the site title of the new site collection after the import.

  • I did exactly as you suggested and it worked in my test environment. So I guess you have the right approach. It was not production so you should check with your user before making any changes.

    I hope this helps :)

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