Content query web part filtering on multiple content types

  • Content query web part filtering on multiple content types Jonny

    Is it possible to use the Content Query web part to filter on multiple specific content types that do not have a parent/child relationship?

    I have a requirement to show Events (from a calendar) and Announcements (from an Announcement list) aggregated in the same area but as these come from two different branches in the content type tree, I can't do this via configuration of the web part.

    Would I be able to do this with a custom CAML query after exporting/re-importing the web part xml? Also I noticed the following two XML clauses in the webpart.xml file:

    <property name="ContentTypeName" type="string" />
    <property name="ContentTypeBeginsWithId" type="string" />

    Does anyone know if these can take multiple values and if so what is the format?

    Are there any other implications to be aware of i.e. do the content types need the same site columns for the fields you want to display?

    I'm looking to do this in SP2010 but would be interested to know if the same applied for MOSS.

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