Is there a way to have a column in SharePoint which has multiple links?

  • Is there a way to have a column in SharePoint which has multiple links? lilghost76

    I currently have a normal SharePoint list with about 15 columns or so. I need one of the columns to have a list of links. I know SharePoint lets you have 1 link and it also lets you have multiple lines of text... So I thought it would be there as an option, but no such luck. Anyone knows a solution for this? I wasn't able to find any info online, which doesn't happen often. I guess I wasn't looking for the right keywords? If anyone can point me into the right direction, it would be great!

    Thanks -V

    p.s. I'm reposting this question in this site due to a suggestion from someone in stackoverflow (where I had asked this originally.)

  • The multi-line text box can support html/rich text allowing you to include multiple links. It would essentially be "unstructured" though so if you wanted to use them to support some kind of customization you would need to embed them in xml or something.

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