ECMAScript Client OM with External List

  • ECMAScript Client OM with External List jason.venema

    In SharePoint 2010, for a regular "custom" list calling SP.ListOperation.Selection.getSelectedItems() using the ECMAScript client object model returns an array of item IDs. These IDs correspond to the SPListItem.ID property of the server object model.

    Using the same approach for an external (BCS) list, getSelectedItems() is returning IDs of the form "_bg40001300", "_bg40002300", "__bg40003300", etc... My application is passing these IDs as HTTP paramters to the server where the server OM is using them to try and access the selected SPListItems. Is there some way to access the selected SPListItem's using this strange ID, either by converting it into a standard list item ID, or using a different API method?

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