SharePoint Workflows not Sending Emails to Task: Created By

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  • Within my workflow I am using the 'Collect Data from user'. I want to send a custom email (by turning of alerts on the Task list) and using the Send Email action. My problem is I want to send a link with the task to approve in an email to the user the task has been assigned to (approver). But the action ''Collect Data from user' pauses until the task is edited which won't happen because I haven't sent the details to the approver via an email! Is there any way to get around this? Or get a reference from a newly created task back to item that created it from the 'Collect Data from user

  • DVWP, xsl choose iOnline247

    I'm looking at building a solution that will use this as it's base: Content Types as Statuses and I'd like to know if it's possible to create a DVWP form that only allows the first form, eg the initial status, to be filled out. After the initial status is created, when displaying the form, have a workflow button connect to an initiation form, which will in turn update the item and content type. I'll need to not let the form display the 2nd or 3rd status until the first is completed. Is this possible? Or a better question, does this question make sense LOL?

  • So I did create on an SPWeb 20 custom lists and then a tasks list. For each of those 20 lists I've created 20 site lookup columns. I then created 20 Content Types based on Task content type. Then I've added each content type to the Tasks list. After that I've added each lookup site column to the corresponding list content type. So far so good. I've built a custom WebPart that displays task items... interested in seeing and running the script send me an email at: ovulex [ at ] I will report this to Microsoft. ScreenShot

  • sorry if this is a noob question, but I have to start somewhere! I'm working with Sharepoint 2007. I have a custom content type, Room Booking Event. When one is created, I want to start a workflow where the following happens: Using email, I want to send the details of the room booking (fields in the list), to an approver Ideally, I want the approver to be able to approve the booking right... workflow, but it's a bit crappy - there doesn't seem to be a way to send the event details in the email that is sent to the approver, it's just a nasty generic email. Unless I'm mistaken? I'm fumbling

  • approval for the request. So far, my workflow uses the "Collect Data From User" action and the "Send and email" action. I configured data collection option so that there are two inputs: two radio.... I haven't found an easy solution like that, so I went with sending an email and creating a task. There are a few problems with this method: The email that is sent when the task is assigned to the approver doesn't seem to be editable or have the option of being disabled (I don't want them to have a link to the XML for simplicity sake) The link from the "You have been assigned as task" email

  • Hello I really need help with this... , I am using Sharepoint 2007. I have the 'collect data from user' action in a workflow - which generates a custom form within the workflow folder. The form...;@Comments1,Comments;@TaskCrea,Task Created;@TaskModi,Task Modified;@Reviewed,Reviewed;@TaskIDNum,TaskIDNum;@StatusUpdate,StatusUpdate;@ID,ID;@Modified,Modified;@Created,Created;@Author,Created By;@Editor,Modified...:EcmaScriptEncode($ListName),'};'))}"></input></td> I need to add javascript within the DataFormWebPart so I can update another form field when the user clicks the 'Complete Task' button. I

  • We are currently designing a system to handle help desk functionality. One of the things we want to do, is to allow a user to send an email, that will trigger the creation and start of a workflow. Is this possible using standard functionality in SharePoint 2010?

  • I have a requirement to design a multi level approval workflow using SPD 2007. The workflow has three levels of approval. If the 1st or 2nd or 3rd level of approvers rejects the task it should go back to the previous level of user to continue with the same workflow instance. The workflow should not stop since when the InfoPath form is updated in the Forms library, a new WF instance will be created if there is no active task on that workflow. Has anyone worked on a similar requirement? If yes, please let me know. Also, let me know if it is possible to move back and forth between workflow

  • I am using SharePoint 2007 Enterprise + Publishing portal template + Windows Server 2008. I am developing using VSTS 2008 + C# + .Net 3.5. I need to implement SSO (Single Sign On feature) with another site. The SSO protocol is like this, The other site will send me information like http://mysitename/default.aspx?Identity=abc or like http://mysitename/default.aspx (mysitename is the site which I am developing); If the value Identity variable is null, it means anonymous user. And if the Identity value is not null (means an authenticated user), I will using a WCF interface to find user

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