Bypass approval process of SharePoint page publishing process?

  • Bypass approval process of SharePoint page publishing process? George2

    I am using SharePoint 2007 + Windows Server 2008 with SharePoint 2007's publishing portal template.

    When publish a page, I have to go through check-in/request for approval/approve process. Any solutions to skip request for approval and approval process (i.e. when we check-in an item, it will be published directly without approval)?

  • You can remove the Workflow and Approval Process from the pages Library.

    To do so Site Actions - > View All Site Content - > Open Pages Lib and In the Pages Library select Settings -> Document Library Settings -> Versioning settings

    Select the Following Say no to Require content approval for submitted items? Select No Versioning

    And In Workflow settings you can remove the Workflow.

publishing-site content-approval
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  • I'd like to turn off Content Approval, for all libraries, (Page, Document, Images) once, at a Site Collection level and, hopefully, it will be automatically set across the entire site collection. Having it off helps during the development of a Publishing Site. Once all the content/web parts are in then it would be good to turn it back on before going to UAT/Prod. Having approval workflows start in dev is just a waste of time. I'm working in SP2010, but MOSS 2007 is still relevant as I have sites in both platforms.

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