Custom User Control and FIPS Encryption Issues

  • Custom User Control and FIPS Encryption Issues spevilgenius

    I have created several custom user controls that I added to the Redering templates of some forms in a custom solution for WSS 3. Most of these templates have codebehind and they all are correctly deployed to the CONTROLTEMPLATES folder on the 12 hive. The forms worked fine until the security folks said we had to enable FIPS. Once this was done, Sharepoint went nuts until I changed the machineKey setting in the web.config file to use the 3des algorithm as I had found on many sites. This fixed most of the issues except for my custom forms .ascx pages as everyone of them still give a FIPS error and they do not work. I have found the code that I can place in the machine.config file that turns off the check, but I would like to figure out what is going on with this. I have ensured that debug is set to false in the web.config file as well. It is only my user controls that are causing the issue, but I do not know why. So it would be nice if there was a list of known .Net assembles that were not FIPS compliant or some way for me to determine what library is calling the offending code. Any ideas, thoughts, insights are welcome!

    Update: I wanted to point out that my controls are not used to do any encryption and I am not trying to call anything like that. Just drawing some webcontrols.

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