Using JQuery to enlarge the text input boxes in SharePoint 2007 Blog forms

  • Using JQuery to enlarge the text input boxes in SharePoint 2007 Blog forms user1146

    I have a site set up as a Blog Template. I want to use jQuery to expand the size of the text boxes for blog posts in both Viewing and Edit mode (and new mode).

    Viewing mode is easy. I edited /Lists/Posts/Post.aspx and added a CEWP containing a reference to jQuery and Code: jQuery('.ms-PostWrapper').width(800);

    I tried to do the same thing in /Lists/Posts/EditPost.aspx and it doesn't work in IE. It works in Firefox but that just shows literal HTML tags.

    So how do I get this to work in IE? I can see there's already some IE-specific Javascript going on. Any advice would be appreciated.

  • I may be using a different version of SP or not looking at the same thing - But for my blog posts, the form items actually are: ms-rtelong and ms-long

    The ms-rtelong is actually an iFrame which contains the Rich Text Editor.

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