Documentation for using out of box web parts (2010)

  • Documentation for using out of box web parts (2010) Jeremy

    Where can I find documentation on setting up/configuring some of the more obscure out of the box web parts (e.g. Sites in Category)?

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  • For all the Web Parts on my SP 2010 team site wiki page, the "Hidden" option is greyed out (under Edit Web Part > Layout). How can I activate this option?

  • Full disclosure: Sharepoint development noob. I currently have 3 custom web parts built in an SP solution in VS2010. I build and deploy my project out to our local Sharepoint dev box. However, after deploying, only the first 2 custom web parts show up under the Custom category in the "insert web part" ribbon section. I checked the elements.xml file for all 3 webparts, they're all set up to be listed under the custom group. Any ideas on how I can debug this? Any constructive advice is greatly appreciated. Home elements.xml <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <Elements xmlns

  • Log4net deployment Kelly French

    We're developing web parts using log4net as the logging framework. Right now we're leaving the configuration details in the web.config and will be moving the log4net.dll to the GAC manually. For a small development team (2 devs) and an internal sharepoint installation, is that adequate? I've read about using WspBuilder, creating a setup project, a globablly scoped solutions, and so on for deployment but We really aren't going to have that much custom code. Most of our sites will be using out-of-the-box or third-party web parts along with Enterprise features like the Business Data Catalog

  • to render as an ASP.Net page as well as the SPWebPartManager and a single WebPartZone containing the Search Core Results web part. This works brilliantly! But you cannot see how many results you got returned or page through them. So I need the Search Paging and Search Statistics web parts. Now both of these require connecting to the Search Core Results web part (according to MS documentation), however when I try to add a web part connection in SharePoint designer I get an error dialog saying: The Search Paging Web Part does not support connections. So how can I connect these up? I cannot

  • We have two servers: Server1: MOSS 2007 content with ESP web parts Server2: SP 2010 acting as query server We need to crawl the Server1 content from Server2, and installed ESP web parts on Server1 need to refer to Server2 as the query server. So user queries from MOSS 2007 go to the SP2010 box (where content is crawled) and return the result on the MOSS 2007 server. Please advise?

  • There is very little information available on connecting web parts on a web part page. This seems to be too advanced a topic for most of the end user resources. On the other hand, it's not a developer or IT Pro topic either. Here are the resources I've checked: - The Bill English's "SharePoint Administrator's Companion" and the "SharePoint 2007 User's Guide" by Seth Bates both have one page on the topic. Rob Bogues' book has nothing I can find. - Office Online, Connect data in Web Parts is not complete. I want a comprehensive list of all of the out of the box web parts

  • I'm looking for a program, feature or timerjob that checks links on SharePoint 2010 Publishing-Sites and Hyperlink-Lists if they are alive. The Out-of-the-box link scanner of SharePoint checks only internal links. I need one that checks external links, too. I tried non SharePoint link checkers, but they won't work with the SharePoint authentification. I found SharePoint Link Checker on CodePlex and it sounds about right, but seems to work only with SharePoint 2007. Any tools I should check out?

  • My colleague found that some scenarios of working with SPWeb objects depend on how you obtain them. I'm not talking of impersonating with UserTokens - that another story. But at times when you write web parts, you get some extra security constraints with SPContext.Current.Web that you don't suffer from with SPContext.Current.Site.OpenWeb(). Does anyone have any further technical guidance on the topic?

  • I'd like to show documents and pages from the libraries of a local publishing site together on the same page. It seems the out of the box web parts only allow you to show one or the other (in different configurations).

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