Flagging feature in SharePoint

  • Flagging feature in SharePoint neo269

    Is the 'Flagging' (like we have in MS Outlook) feature available for WSS 3.0?

  • If you are asking if there is an option to flag an item to create a follow-up task then the answer is no.

    If you have a custom or third party tagging feature then it is possible.

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  • \Lists\ListHelper.vb:line 111 at XXXXXX_Feature_Receiver.XXXXXXDataStructureFeatureFactory.CreateOrUpdateListInstances(SPWeb Web) in C:\TestBed\XXXXXX Feature Receiver Development\XXXXXX Feature Receiver\XXXXXXDataStructureFeatureFactory.vb:line 37 at XXXXXX_Feature_Receiver.XXXXXXDataStructureFeatureFactory.Initiate(SPWeb Web) in C:\TestBed\XXXXXX Feature Receiver Development\XXXXXX Feature Receiver\XXXXXXDataStructureFeatureFactory.vb:line 14 at XXXXXX_Feature_Receiver.Module1.Main() in C:\TestBed\XXXXXX Feature Receiver Development\XXXXXX Feature

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