Stop users with contributor rights from deleting documents

Shiraz Bhaiji
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  • I have 2 users, Martin and John I have 5 documents, all available to Martin and John. I also have 2 documents that are available to John only (Martin must not see them). To complicate matters these documents should replace 2 of the existing documents from the original 5 - so that only 5 documents are ever displayed to Martin or John. John must not be able to see the original 2 documents that have been replaced. A small amount of luck is that an administrator will specify which new document should ‘replace’ an existing document from the originals. Over time I would be required to add more

  • User Steven has the Active Directory account however his profile is not yet populated into SSP User profiles. NT Authenticated users have the access permission on "Shared Documents - Document Library". So, will Steven be able to access the "Shared Documents"? I guess, IIS will authenticate the user Steven to access the "Shared Documents" and SharePoint will authorize the user to View the items in "Shared Documents", is that right?

  • users who have not logged in yet) of the site. Here is a screen snapshot. Any ideas how to edit this page? Publishing home page BTW: I have tried to edit... on the site collection for the forms authentication logon page to work from Office SharePoint Server. Contact your administrator to have anonymous access enabled in Central Administration and IIS. Manage... group can publish pages, images, and documents in this site. Users in the Members group can create and edit pages, and they can upload images and documents, but they cannot publish the pages, images

  • We have several WSS Servers: WSS1 WSS2 WSS3 WSS4 SharePoint thinks that Central Administration is on WSS3 and that it can be access via SSL on port 22641. The problem is that central administration is not there. It was removed using the config wizard. We removed central admin from all servers to clean everything out, and we tried installing Central Admin on WSS1. The alternate access mappings still point to central admin on WSS3. We tried deleting the alternate access mappings, but SharePoint won't let you delete central admin's mapping. Later, we removed central admin from all of our

  • We have an SSP indexing our site using a read-only account to spider the content. We have an issue that the SSP is indexing /pages/ without the name of an aspx. When returning search results this causes an Access Denied error when clicking on the link for anonymous users, although /pages/default.aspx does not require login. Why does /pages/ not redirect to /pages/default.aspx for anonymous users like it does for authenticated users? The entire site is setup to allow anonymous access.

  • Is it possible from the MOSS 2007 OOTB web parts with no custom code of any sort to create a view of all document libraries on a given site expanded to show all folders and documents within it? Table of Contents will give you the libraries and CQWP will give you the documents but I'm looking for a combination of these I guess. I pretty sure it's not possible OOTB but thought I would ask this here just in case. Considering a DVWP to deliver the functionality but could save time if we can do this OOTB. NOTE TO SELF - Stop end users from using document libraries as folders!

  • A few days ago I submitted this question to stackoverflow: I essentially have Web Part Connections filter some documents through a required field. I was having problems making that new field for the folders. I managed to do it with help from a user over there. It is all good and dandy, but now my problem is that whenever someone goes into the folder, the filter gets reset, and you're not able to re-select the same option you were just at. We were very confused for a few minutes when we were

  • Scenario: User has 'Contribute' rights on a List. User creates a new ListItem on this List. User should only be able to edit or delete his own ListItems. How can I define that only the Owner (Created By) should be able to edit or delete this ListItem ? I was thinking about using an xslt if-statement with: ddwrt:IfHasRights(...) 'Created By' == 'Current User' Is this correct ? Or are there easier ways to do this ? See this page for a complete overview from all Rights.

  • I started using the document conversion feature with MOSS 2007 and Word 2007. The process seems to work fine with DOCX documents. So I tried adding quick parts metadata to the docs, and no luck. Can someone please shed some light on it? I believe the first error was LocationSelector.ascx: empty location ID on postback D:\Program Files\Microsoft Office Servers\12.0\Bin\HtmlTrLauncher\output.html file DOESN'T exist. Deleting path, returning, and blocklisting error code CE_OTHER_BLOCKLIST from the document conversions framework in the callback handler then i get this monster During

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