Setting location of document templates in SharePoint document library in Office 2010 applications

Dan Tshin
  • Setting location of document templates in SharePoint document library in Office 2010 applications Dan Tshin

    One of the functionalities advertised for Office 2010 was that "People can access document templates stored in SharePoint 2010 via the New Document Wizard in Microsoft Office applications" (see page 26 in the PDF "Business Productivity at Its Best: Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010).

    However, I can't find a way to set this in Office 2010 applications.

    I've looked at

    1. Workgroup Templates (Word 2010 -> Backstory -> Options -> Advanced -> File Locations...) - I can't store URL or UNC paths - or even a mapped network drive to the SharePoint document library.
    2. Trusted Locations (Word 2010 -> Backstory -> Options -> Trust Center -> Trust Center Settings... -> Trusted Locations -> Add new locations...) - "security reasons" disallow it. Would this need to be set through the Group Policies?

    Anyhow, it seems that the functionality to have a master document library of corporate templates is not (yet?) available in Office 2010 with SharePoint 2010.

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