Taxonomy field doesnt always show up in CQWP filter

Anders Rask
  • Taxonomy field doesnt always show up in CQWP filter Anders Rask

    I am using two new features in CQWP to list "related items" in a web part:

    Taxonomy field filtering is used to match the current pages taxonomy value given dynamically by [PageFieldValue:MyTaxonomyField].

    This works like a charm, as long as i point out a specific list as source:

    Soruce: /news/pages Content type: My News CT Additional filters: MyTaxonomyField > contains any of > Custom Value or Query:[PageFieldValue:MyTaxonomyField]

    Now thats pretty damn neat, but I want the source to be from all pages using that content type, but if i select site and subsites as source > list type: Pages library > and select same content type as before, the filter list doesnt contain my taxonomy filter!

    Have anyone got a good explanation on this?

    I havent tried editing the webpart xml directly, but thats my next move anyway (since i want to wrap it up in a feature).

content-query-web-part managed-metadata taxonomy
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