How do I allow users to change their password (ASP.NET membership)

  • How do I allow users to change their password (ASP.NET membership) scottstonehouse

    I've an ASP.Net membership database (extranet) site set up, but users have no way to change their passwords.How can this be accomplished?

  • The Community Kit for SharePoint has a Forms Authentication Solution containing a Change Password web part. It also has much more (straight copy/paste):

    • Automated Solution Deployment - Zac Smith
    • Membership request webpart (including CAPTCHA) - Paul Ballard
    • Membership request list - Paul Ballard
    • Login web part - Paul Ballard
    • Recover Password web part - Edin Kapic
    • Change Password web part - Edin Kapic
    • ULS Logging - Edin Kapic
    • User Management - Zac Smith
    • Role Management - Zac Smith
    • User Properties - Brendon Schwartz
    • Fixes - Anthony Sumner, Mike Sharp

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