Deploy a solution package from command prompt

Shiraz Bhaiji
  • Deploy a solution package from command prompt Shiraz Bhaiji

    We are trying to automate the solution deployment to a test environment. We are using vsewss 1.3.

    To do this we are trying to run the following command from the visual studio command prompt:

    devenv xxx.sln /deploy Release /package 

    When we do this we get the following error:

    specified method is not supported 

    And a message that the deployment has been skipped.

    Anyone have an idea what the problem could be, or how to fix it.


    I have tried a few things:

    • Gave "Everyone" group modify access to the area where the solution files are
    • Checked out solution and projects files so they are not readonly
    • Closed VS to avoid read/write locks
    • Have managed to get a more detailed error message:

      System.NotImplementedException: The method or operation is not implemented. at EnvDTE.Project.get_CodeModel() at Microsoft.SharePoint.Tools.Reflection.TypeFinder.GetTypesAsCodeElement(Project project, CodeElement parent, String targetTypeFullName) at Microsoft.SharePoint.Tools.Reflection.TypeFinder.Find(Project project, String targetTypeFullName) at Microsoft.SharePoint.Tools.SharePointSolutions.SourceFeatureElementDirector.FindClasses(Project project) at Microsoft.SharePoint.Tools.SharePointSolutions.SourceFeatureElementDirector.GetClassMap(Project project) at Microsoft.SharePoint.Tools.SharePointSolutions.SourceFeatureElementDirector.Constract() at Microsoft.SharePoint.Tools.SharePointSolutions.SourceFeatureDirector.GetFeatureElement(ICollection`1 directors) at Microsoft.SharePoint.Tools.SharePointSolutions.SourceFeatureDirector.Constract() at Microsoft.SharePoint.Tools.SharePointSolutions.SourceSolutionDirector.ConstractElements() at Microsoft.SharePoint.Tools.SharePointSolutions.SourceSolutionDirector.Constract() at Microsoft.SharePoint.Tools.SharePointSolutions.SolutionCreator.CreateCore(ISPProject project, IDirectorCreator creator) at Microsoft.SharePoint.Tools.SharePointSolutions.SolutionCreator.Create(ISPProject project) at Microsoft.SharePoint.Tools.Forms.SPToolWindow.CreateSolutions()

  • Does the path to your .sln file have any spaces in it by any chance? If so, ensure you have it wrapped in quotes like

    "c:\my folder with paces\solution.wsp"

  • We have found that we do not get this problem when we create a new project.

    These projects were originally created with an earlier version of VseWss. There appears to be something in the project files that ties it to a specific version of VseWss.

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